Direct Mail

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive direct mail company. I was just quoted 5000 for $.55 each and 10,000 for $.40 each. Hopefully there’s cheaper, but good quality.

If you want cheap mailing make sure you are sending to entire carrier routes. If you send to entire carrier routes you can get bulk rate postage which saves a lot of money.

I’m far from an expert on the pizza business…but I do a fair amount of direct mail in my other business. Unless your doing mailings for many stores in different markets, it makes sense to split your services, mail house and printing…I have changed to an internet printer called “Print Runner”, they are great!! Excellent 4 color press and very affortable!

I act as my own mail house, just give the cards to the Post office, mailing to a complete route as mentioned above. Much less then buying lists, from list brokers and paying a mail house to sort. Just my 2 cents. Weegie

:smiley: laweegie How do you get your post office to mail a " route" for you? Can you just walk in and ask or do you need to purchase a bulk account from them?

I network with many business owners around the country, and you would think that the United States Post Office would have standard procedure, but I often hear of varriations. I just went down to my local post master, and he set everything up for me. I’m lucky, I live in a city of 25k with rural routes and another 20K county, and the whole thing is busted into 2 Zip codes and 10 routes, So I can pick and choose the routes I want. Weegie

Business Mail 101

There is a lot to learn using Bulk Mail yourself. It’s learnable, but definitely an adventure in rules and policies.

One stark reality I hit last fall is that there is big a difference between mailing to Rural Routes and City Routes. It seems that City Routes will require actual addresses (street, city, zip code) on the pieces of mail, and not just “Resident”. Makes a heap of difference . . . you’d need the address lists for sure in those routes.

Thanks everyone, that gives me a good place to start.

Another option for areas that do not have rural routes, is to do a insert in a local free paper, that is delivered to all addesses in a section of town or a complete city, like in my area. Very cost effective…but bid your printing out and have someone other then the newspaper do the printing. I was having the newspaper do it all, and then a local printer called me and said he would do the printing for a 3 rd of what the paper wanted, and it was full color and glossy 100lb paper to boot!!! Weegie

please someone settle an argument—we get mailing list for the appraisal district-- should we put the address and resident or address with the name of the person paying the taxes??

If you have a renter in the home, the owner’s name (tax payer) isn’t going to mean anything. So if you have the resident’s name, use that.

join your local chamber of commerce they have a bulk mailing stamp you can use for nothing
then go to the post office and pick which routes you want to send to and areas its about 24 cents per mailer