Direct Mail

I am thinking about doing direct mail with the same company i advertise with for a 2 page spread. She is offering me direct mail for 9.5 cents per menu?
is that good or bad?


I don’t think it’s possible to mail a piece for 9 cents each. As far as I know, the cheapest postal rate is 13.5 cents each. Will your ad be merged with a bunch of other ads? Thats the only way I can see they can offer you this.

No she said 9.5 cents and she will do that for me because i spend 1700 a month with the magazine already. for the last 2 years

She also said they are the cheapest because of the magazine.

Anyways she said she will bring everything tommrow samples for me to look at .

I have looked over the bulk rate sheet from USPS and no where on it can I find a rate that low…They must get a huge discount…

Ditto. I’ve done several bulk mailings over the last year . . . 9.5 cents for printing AND mailing is something to pounce on right away. IF that is the price including the printing and the shipping. I would get it in writing so you can admire your marketing wizardry making the decision :slight_smile: And so you know for certain.

13.5 cents is lowest I can find , and I gotta drive a hundred miles to get that. Did you say that you are doing a 2 page spread inside a magazine right now? Or was it a 2 page spread that she is offering? I am envisioning single, individual, full color pieces (your menu) being mailed to a number of individual addresses.

For that service, it is definitely good price. If it is a bunch of stuff including your menu being mailed out in one envelope . . . not so much.

No nick i am doing 2 page spread in the magazine with the same compnay. She offered me today 9.5 cents. I will see tommorow for sure. i will post details

thanx for the input.

Tango how come your web site is not working?..

Because I had problems with website pros. Now my friend is recreacting the whole site should be done this week.

Hopefully you will still own the domain…Some domain sellers are notorious for grabbing expired domains…

yes that true i hope so