direct mail

what is a good company to use for direct mail?

Hi Dash,

We offer “Menu Mailers” which include “everything” on our premium 80# paper…$0.39 per home

What’s Included:

  • Design
  • Printing (11x17, 80# Tri-fold, Full Color both sides)
  • Folding & Tabbing
  • Saturation Mailing List
  • Postage
  • Mailing

You can check it out here … prod123-42

Thanks Dash

Hey Chris, what is the minimum order on something like that?

Our minimum order for the mailers is 5,000 copies - we design, print, and mail them for you…it’s easy. Works out to just $0.39 per home on our best quality paper. If anyone wants free samples you can request them online.

Check it out here:

Cool, I’m going to request some samples. I’m planning on redoing my menu next month and want to do direct mail too, so this would be a great option for us. But, we’re in a smaller community and I don’t think there are that many addresses worth mailing to.

Is it possible to do something like this and have 3K direct mailed and the rest sent to our shop for regular menus? If so, how would you price that?


I have been using MailWise Solutions near Cincinati Ohio. They set up a mailing schedule and automated it for me. 21.5 cents per house. They worked with my printer, CFM Comcepts (8 cents per menu), had the menus direct shipped to their warehouse and then shipped to the post office for distribution on the days specified in the schedule. If you what their contact info just google it and ask for Bill at Mailwise Solutions.

I also used Mailwise Solutions through CFM and was very happy with both the printed flyers and the direct mail service. I would highly recommend them.

We have all rural routes in our zip code, and would do saturation to all addresses. Would the price be the same for that situation at 5000 pieces? No addresses, just “Local Postal Customer”.

I am gathering there is no such thing as “Unadressed Admail” in the US…In Canada we can select an area as large as Canada wide or as little as 1 letter carrier route and ask that a flyer be delivered to homes, businesses, apartments or a combination…In volume rates are under 10 cents…