Disappearing Pepperoni

OK… slightly embarrassed to pose this question but here goes :oops: . We build our pizzas with a good amount of pepperoni on them (all touching each other filling the whole pie) but on our thicker crust pizzas when it gets cut using either a rocker cutter or a roller the pepperoni gets pushed down between the slices and it makes the pizza look like it has a lot less pepperoni than it actually does.

I grab a set of tongs and try to rescue as many as I can but that’s not really practical. I’ve sharpened the rocker blade, tried different ways to make the cut but with no success.

Presentation of the final product is important to me… any ideas.


I can’t speak for others, but for me that is fairly typical. I use a wheeled cutter, and it is standard practice here to (after cutting) quickly go around the edges of the slices and use the side of the cutter to slide the pepperoni back up while the cheese is still nice and hot.

we use a rocker cutter and that’s about the only way as well

A sharp knife and a quick cut, that’s all u can do.

That’s what I thought… thanks guys!