discount football cards

Every year about this time we get approached to be on the football card that the local high school sells.
Last year we did 10% off the pizza order. not too bad.
Our competitor did Free drink with a sandwich or calzone, or buy a pizza get the second 1/2 off

what has garnered the the best return and offer

We used to do 10% off which was very popular. I have tried to get away from that and instead do a set price for a 2 or three topping pizza or free order of breadsticks with 10.00 purchase. If you can afford to do the 10% off, it has always done well for me. Margins being what they are at my price point, it is tough to do.

yeah this one has perplexed me all year, with the 10 percent I feel like I am just pealing off 10 percent profit, I do think I may do a package deal…will let you know what we go with and the success