Discount for Ordering Online

Does anyone give a blanket discount for ordering online? A chain in Chicago, Sarpinos, gives 10% off for ordering online. in addition to the specials that they have. your thoughts?

I just do different specials on-line vrs print (but some on-line are supported by print media)…

I push my on-line system as the preferred method of ordering…I’ve converted may callers to OLO

My philosophy is to reward the OLO folks…makes my life WAY easier

It’s a fact that when people order on-line the check averages are much higher. That’s probably the reasoning behind the chain offering that special. For us I find it’s still a novelty and really don’t need to discount to get people to use it. We are experiencing a sales growth that is just amazing me as a result of all my marketing creating a perfect storm. This morning I tracked different numbers in a lot of areas on my POS. We are generally increasing on-line sales about .75% a month, we are at 16% now with an 40% pick up and 60% delivery rate. As you may know, I blast our website all over the place and we are now ordering bumper stickers, regular stickers and other novelty items. If your sales are creeping up, don’t mess with it is my advise. If it’s slipping or flat, maybe some discounting is in order. 10% would be about right because your not paying someone to answer the phone. My 2 cents.


I agree with Hannah on this. If you are meeting your goals with OL ordering, there’s no need to discount. My typical OL customer will order more food and not worry about little discounts. They like the control and convenience of OL ordering; which I think they’re willing to pay full price for. On the flip side, a third of our call-in customers will ask, “What kind of specials do you have?” OL customers don’t even know about our specials, which is the way I like it :stuck_out_tongue: