Discover Scam?

Is anyone getting calls saying someone from “Merchant Services” needs to connect to your system to run a test for Discover? We just hang up on them, but is anyone else getting this?

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Anyone calling from “merchant services” is at the very least trying to trick you into a meeting to give you their sales pitch.

Yeah it is such a blanket statement

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They have been calling every day for years now. I just hang up on them before the computer actually connects a person.

We get the “your local google search needs updating press 1 to resolve the issue”
Then youre connected to someone trying to sell you credit card processing.
Pure bait.
It really pisses me off when Im prepping in the AM and I run upstairs to answer and I get that stupid recording

We get that one every single day as well. Very annoying.

My newest one is “Benefits Dept” on CID.
On the upside, if they call on line 2-4 I know it’s BS.

We use a call sequencer with an up front message so 95% of these BS calls disconnect before they ring through.

Sometimes I am bored and like to waste their time so I will say something like, “I don’t have merchant number handy can you give it to me please. Oh and while you are at it can you tell me the contract end date?” This usually ends in a disconnect.