Disgruntled Employee

We fired one of our managers on Saturday. It was quite the experience. The manager was very angry and would not leave. (She was terminated for lying about several issues) She had become very threatened by a promotion of an employee we were training to be an assistant. Since I was the only one at the restaurant I ended up threatening to call the police if she didn’t leave. She finally left. On Monday she dropped off a letter to me which was very bizarre. It consisted of all the things that make us terrible owners and employers and “just wait until the employees find out who we really are”

Since then she has been trying to contact all the employees(and a few ex employees) and on the occasions she has gotten through completely slandered us. She has revealed pay information to employees. She has spoken many untruths (claiming I said so and so was lazy etc.) Never any real threats.

I am not really worried about employees leaving based on what she says but I do have concern for the employees and the toll it will take on the morale of our company. I haven’t said these things, but we also don’t disclose why people are fired. I would like to defend myself to employees but really don’t want to stir more drama. The employees are happy she is gone because she often stirred the pot and had an obsession about being “in charge”

So my question is what to do? We are going on vacation in a week and the new manager who “took her job” will be working. I wouldn’t put it past her to come in and eat everyday just to cause trouble.

What do you all think about sending a registered letter requesting no contact with us, our employees or even coming into our business. Or should I just let things die down and do nothing?

Does the drama ever end?

Talk to an attorney about a restraining order. At the least, notify her as you said that she is not allowed on the property and that returning would be considered criminal trespass. Then contact the police about the situation and give them a copy of the letter and signed receipt. If you have a good relationship with the beat officers near your store (and you should), talk to them personally.

This sounds like a clear case of eating too much “crazy bread” on her part :smiley:

If it were me, I’d call a quick employee meeting, just to clear the deck of any doubts. I would say little or nothing regarding what was actually said between me and the disgruntled former employee (although I whould probably tactfully acknowledge her disgruntledness), but rather reaffirm my commitment to the integrity of the business and the harmony of the staff.

It is unfortunate when these things happen, but as you well know, your staff has observed plenty of her behavior when you weren’t around and they’re probably much more familiar with her duplicity than you’ll ever be. (You’ll probably find out some interesting stuff in the next few weeks as well.)

The restraining order may be a bit much, but I can understand the apprehension of leaving for vacation in a week. Might be the right thing to do.

She’ll probably fade away very soon. Better yet, maybe she’ll go down the street to your competitor! 8)

Your reputation will not depend on a disgruntled manager’s rants.

I agree with PC, talk to your employees about it. Oh the joys of being an owner :stuck_out_tongue:

Time heals all wounds, hopefully she will get a new job soon. If you get a call for a reference for her, make sure you don’t say anything bad about her- just verify her dates of employment.

We have one of those people at our joint, too.

If she doesn’t get her way, she’ll scream and threaten and cuss…you all saw that dialogue a few months ago about it, so no need to bring the story back up.

But anyway, I would definitely call the police, let them know what is going on.

I wouldn’t waste the time suing her over slander unless she begins contacting customers with the same drivel.

I would have any employee association with her inside the premises be a polite request for her to leave. No “hi, how are you” no “why did you quit”…just “X, please leave, you were given notice to not return”, and that’s that.


We just had a situation that would have resulted in half of our staff walking out – if we hadn’t intervened and called a quick meeting with all employees involved. We had felt that it was best to keep quiet about why former employees had been let go, and it was just enough fodder for another employee to build upon.

It turned out that one Drama Queen was the culprit; spreading rumors about what we had supposedly said about other employees, including our Kitchen Mgr. When our KMgr burst into tears and threatened to quit, it became apparent that this DQ was instigating this hatred towards us. We immediately called a meeting with all of the employees involved, and we asked the DQ to turn in her notice effective immediately. After she left, we spoke to everyone else involved and reiterated that we have an Open Door policy, and that our


“You run our restaurant, you create our food, our ambiance, our customer service, our reputation. YOU are the reason we’re still in business, and YOU are the most important aspect of our business.”

We then explained why our former employees were let go, in vague terms. Constantly late to work. Refused to finish their closing list. Caught on camera stealing…

An Open Door Policy is the best policy, in my opinion. You don’t need to tell all of the torrid details; just let everyone know that THEY are doing THEIR jobs GREAT.


We try to RAP often with our employees, and we’ve noticed a big difference than when we tried to keep all of the staffing issues hush-hush.