I’m in the final stages of my layout and My kitchen designer says I probably don’t need a dishwasher. We are opening up a pizza by the slice, delivery pizza shop so we will probably be serving on paper and not using many dishes. But am I going to want one for the kitchen utensils and to possibly have kitchen staff spend less time washing? Thanks for your insights!!

If you have the space and it fits into you budget, get it. I am tired of washing dishes and we are a del/co. If it can fit dough trays it would be great. We wash about 35 dough trays by hand on a busy night. Basically it is at least one person only cleaning duty at the end of the night. If we could cut in half, it would free them up to do other cleaning and everyone can get out faster.

Try contacting Ecolabs. They have a program where you purchase their products and they will supply you with the machine.

it will cost you more, but it is well worth the expense…everything will be cleaner…if ya get one that does dough trays, even better…

You can find some good deals on ebay…

if you can afford it and have the space go for it. Just remember, most “dish washers” in restaurants are actually sanitizers. you still need people to wash the dishes. In most cases all that is required is very hot water and sprayer. If you can’t afford to purchase a dish machine, contact Eco Lab, they lease out dish machines and will come in monthly to service them and restock the chemicals needed.

I dropped the dishwasher from my plans at the end, learning that my city and/or city codes required a HOOD over a dishwasher.
Washing dishes is in the job description of every employee, and is mostly handled in real life by drivers as the evening slows down…

I have a dishwasher sitting unused and not hooked up in my shop.

I purchased it 2nd hand (recond) and went to have it installed only to find out that we have to get the tiled concrete floor dug out so that 2.5 metres (about 8 ft) of copper piping can be installed in a coiled position as drainage. With the intense heat of the discharge water (75 celsius) it would shatter the plastic drainage piping so it has to run through the copper piping for thee required distance to cool down.

Cost for doing this is around $700 - $900, plus another couple of hundred to get 15amp poer to it.

Cheaper to pay the drivers to do the washing. :lol:

Gee it’s good for stacking made up boxes on, although it’s a bit pricey for that use.