Dishwashing Chemical Cost

Anybody have an idea of what monthly chemical costs (detergent & rinse additive) for an undercounter HI-TEMP dishwasher should run. We do alot of racks but it is all unbreakable stuff (plates and cups) and only have 16 booths.

I got a quote today from AutoChlor which charges a flat monthly fee of $150 which includes service, repairs, and chemicals. My service contract through Hobart runs $60 per month and my chemical usage has skyrocketed since I switched from Ecolab.

Any help/recommendations would be greatly appreciated…dishwashing should be the least of my worries![/list]

You might want to talk to your purveyor also. For us, AutoChlor gives us equipment and services it for free as long as we are buying their chemicals. We buy the chemicals through our food distributor, which is even better because it’s one less order guide I have to worry about.