Display Cases

We’re currently putting together an article about display cases for our September Show issue and need your expertise to complete the piece! Contact out managing editor, Jim Dees, at jim@pmq.com or 662-234-5481, ext. 129, if you use display cases in your pizzeria and can share your knowledge with other PMQ readers.

Liz Barrett

We use Hatco warmers for slice pies. Is that what you are talking about.

Yes bodegahwy,

All cases used to display food, including for pizza slices, sodas, desserts, to-go salads, etc. If you’d like to be interviewed for the article, contact Jim Dees at jim@pmq.com.


I would personally like to see what people use to display there pies on the counter. Where to by the surface? What surface they use? and How to pick a nice sneeze guard? Lots of photos of displays would be nice.