Disposable Discs

Does anyone know of a company where I can get disposable baking discs for take n bake pizzas?

One manufacturer to look for is Pactiv. They have ovenable paper trays for all sorts of things. You can look for a distributor near you. Use a search engine to find Pactiv corporation and look for foodservice stuff.

I think most distributers carry the bakable trays. I’ve gotten them from Roma and Reinhart but I know others carry them. Restaurant Depot here in the twin cities does not carry them though.

Are there particular sizes you are looking for? 16, 18…

14" and 18"…

I put in a call to find out about these for you. Should here back soon. Ill try to find out as quickly as possible and let you know.

Thank you Jesse…

An update: I have a vendor that carries them and I’m getting pricing for you ASAP. As soon as i hear from him, Ill send you a message and let you know.

jjohnson and knightwing1995: Are you guys both from the same shop or different?

For the Take and Bake trays, take a look at M-Press Packaging (Mike Lewis) 541-548-9889 or mlewis@mpresspac.com or <www.mpresspac.com> for their web site.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor