disposable pans - straight sided

I am having a little trouble locating a source for half and full size aluminum pans that are more or less straight sided. Easy to find the slopey ones . . . anyone got something for me? I am lookinf for a good lasagna/baked pasta pan that resembles the hotel pans, if more squared.

I don’t think you’ll find a creature like that, due the strength/design of the ones you currently see (method madness)

What about putting the disposable pan inside the s/s pans. Cook your food then remove it and wrap it.
This way the sides are straight while they cook.

Just a thought.

Bubba, I’ll look at that. It might work. I am trying my best to find a disposable lasagna pan that looks and acts at least a little like the hotel pans. Bubba, you got me thinking about finding a hotel pan liner maybe.

Or maybe I invent something that looks like what is in my imagination.