should I be upset?
I use Delco as a distributor and called my rep 6 weeks ago and asked her to stop by because we are going to have some big changes around here.
now my usual order is around 5-600 a week, I know small but we use gfs for a lot of things that they cant provide us our shop is doing 3500 a week
but we are just a little delco smaller in space than a pjs.
we just bought a vacant hardees REAL EXCITED. Dine in, drive thru, drive up lots of oppertunities!!!
today I find out that a competitor is moving in extremely close to us, come to find out my rep knew about it for a while now
would you be pissed?

I guess if his competitor is a bigger account it would be in his interest to not tell you…either way I would still be pissed though…even though ethically I guess he should not say anything to competitors even though everybody does…I guess it comes down to the realtionship you guys have…I always like to go fishing about the competition though

We have someone snifing around our town that may be opening a shop on the sly. I am going to ask my Rep point blank if she has any info or contact. I’ve been personally responsible for 7 new accounts for her in the last 2 years, so I hope she will be forthcoming on something if she knows it. I don’t want complete details, just any bery general info she has . . . and maybe an agreement not to prospect for their business. that last I cannot demand, but it will certianly hurt her in the long run when these two early 20-somthing guys don’t make it against a determined and well-armed competitor.

At least I got you guys spreading the good word about stomping the competion :lol:

your vendor rep.is someone you trust with your info.you do not want this person to talk about you,why expect different otherwise.throw some hints around,say you heard a rumor and your a little worried,but not that worried.