Do any of you not deliver?

Does anyone not deliver or have a minimum for delivery. Please explain your reasoning.

Quite simply, Yes i do deliver! but given the choice to go back in time, I would never start. ALL HEADACHES COME FROM DELIVERY!

Most on the board know that we’re a full menu restaurant, pizza is a 12-15% of our sales option. We do NOT deliver…sort of. No home delivery, not even on our radar, but we do deliver our full menu to our local hospital and it’s been a very nice arrangement for us.

Staff there, especially on the late shifts, have little option besides brown-bagging it. We do a nice business, especially with OB who have no dinner “hour” and it has developed into us even running food up for “customers” who are tired of the cafeteria food. That said, they know because it’s printed on the menus we drop there, that we deliver at 1PM and at 7PM…no options. They don’t have a problem, we don’t have a problem.

We used to publish a minimum for delivery. At one time it was $12. Later it was at least one pizza or calzone. For the last few years we have not bothered talking about it. It simply does not come up. If we start getting calls for delivery of a single drink I guess we will have to think about it again…

Our average order last week was $41

Don’t deliver. The question is: are you offering quality, or convenience? The “Big Three” offer convenience - cheap food delivered to your door. Is that who you want to compete with?