Do delivery bags have a lifespan ?

Boguht some bags 18 months ago…have noticed recently they’ve expanded somewhat and are not fastening well ( velcro)…Opened a new bag tonight ( bought 18 months ago - never used) and it was perfect…anyone had bags that are no good so quickly ? …is this normal ?

Whos bags are you using?

I would think you should get more use than 18 months out of a delivery bag. I have been able to extend the life of the velcro by cleaning it with a fingernail brush. I have bags that are 4 years old that are still in service. I get my bags from Bag Solutions There are others out there that are the same quality and price.

Would also depend on your volume. A high volume store. I would be happy if a standard bag lasted a year. In a smaller mom and pop doing like 5k a year. I might be a bit peaved if it was falling apart at 18 months.

I would love to see any business that only brought in 5k a year! :shock:

I have had my bags for 10 years they were with the business when I bought it and they are still going strong.

I replace 40-50 bags per year in my store. Some get left behind at houses or stolen. Most become dirty, stained, ripped or tattered. Just a cost of doing business.