Do dough presses work ? anyone ?

Ok I just have to reply to a comment like this. You do your things your way I do things mine one isnt right and one isnt wrong. I have a deck oven and think pizzas from a deck tend to be better then from a conveyor. That doesnt mean for the person who uses a conveyor oven it doesnt work better then a deck oven does. Just because they are on ebay means nothing there are lots of mixers on ebay does that mean we should mix by hand? I just looked at buying an Escelade on ebay and there are 220 to choose from oh no maybe I shouldnt buy one now? I press my dough out and then let it rise and when we get an order all we have to do is form the crust and we are ready to go so a dough press works great for me, is it for everyone? No but that doesnt degrade it to a frozen walmart pizza.