Do I need rinse aid in my dishwasher?

Just wondering… We ran out of rinse aid this week in our dish machine, but I didn’t notice any difference in the dishes. I’m guessing it’s used to remove water spots, but we have a softener and extremely soft water.

The rinse aid costs us about $70 per month, and I wouldn’t mind eliminating that cost. Is there any reason that I have to use it, or can I just run the dish machine with the detergent and sanitizer?

Thanks in advance.[/i]

The rinse aid helps keep your everything spot free. If you don’t really care about the spots you can run it without.

But you also run the risk of soap residue on your plates that the sheeting action of the rinse agent helps get rid of.

If your customers are the type to think that spotty plates resemble dirty plates then I wouldn’t worry about it.


Soap residue can also, unfortunately, equate to unfortunate bodily effectsd. Diarrhea is not something I crave, and I am sensitive to dishwasher soaps. I am not at all saying is will be rampant, but make sure you have a good rinse cycle if not using the aid.