Do the chains own their coupons?

Hello TTers,

Had a little issue I was hoping some people could chime in on. I have recently posted about wanting to do some coupons to match offers by some of the big chains in the area, as there are quite a few. The first Wednesday of the month our local Papa John’s Pizza does a business appreciation (50% off to businesses). Now I have always been under the impression that you want to try to gain the market share, so I decided I would match their offer and planned to do our own Business Appreciation day to try to counteract theirs. The day was a success, but I received a nasty message (one via a Social Media post the other via phone call) from the Papa John’s manager telling me to stop stealing their ideas and a few other comments. I politely refused to discuss the issue and moved on.

In addition to that incident, I have been using Facebook to advertise an Early Week Special (Mon - Thu) for a Large 3 Topping $7.99. This has been very successful, but today I received a post similar to the aforementioned, but from a manager from the local Domino’s.

To shorten, I ask my customers, friends, and family members what deals they like from the competitors. When I see a deal that they are doing that really works, I add it to my arsenal. I have a two part question, the first and most important being:

Am I breaking any copyright laws? I am not using their name in my coupons, or any trademarked terms. I am just offering the same (or very similar) deal at the same price point.

Second, not getting into issues of “you can’t compete with the chains”, am I doing this the wrong way? Is my tactic of utilizing promos and coupons they are doing successfully, a bad idea?

Any insight into the matter would be greatly appreciated it.

First of all, companies compete all the time for sales offering similar discounts on the same type of food. For instance, if you offered a 12" pizza for $5, there’s not much Caesars can do about it. What i might suggest is renaming your discount days to something similar but not exactly the same. Or call it something totally different but offer the same discount. I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t think there is much they can do about it but hate the fact you’re pulling sales from them. And that’s really why they’re not happy, you’re specials are working and they aren’t getting the sales they want to hit.

Big Dave had an article where he put a banner outside his shop saying “we accept competitors coupons”.
His thinking was he had better pizzas so if he could get new customers in on a competitors deal he had a great chance of keeping them with the better product.
He also said it cost him nothing on advertising as he just used the competitor’s ones and the savings helped offset the reduction to the price of the competitors deal / pizza.
Not sure if you want to go down that route but it is worth looking at Dave’s old articles to see how he combated aggressive competitors and won.
Just be careful you’re not discounting yourself to the bottom of the financial rung of the ladder.
Dave (not Big Dave)

yes and no!
Mostly No they can not They do not hold the rights to monday threw wedesnday 7.99 pizza.
The only thing in my 20 years that I have ran into is
Family pleaser from Monicals is trademarked. That is the easiest way, look for the circled R … 83477.html

Thank you very much for the information everyone. I appreciate it.

It looks like I will be staying my course.

wa dave: I have heard a lot about Big Dave, what is the best way for me to search some of his posts?

Under certain circumstances you can get away with using a Trade Marked logo in you advertising…Not sure all the rules so you might have to investigate…

Go to this link and click on articles. Everything is there for you on his marketing that workes as well as the one described.

I have been going over some of his free articles, and I must say he seems to have some fantastic advise. I am having trouble finding his books for sale though, any idea where I may look?

And does anyone know if the Black Book is worth the money today?