Do u? And how Much??

Hey all. Do you give local police, fire, ambulance a discount, freebies???

How much?


Yes. The same as any other organization.

I do, but the accept it much less frequently than they used to.

25% when they dine in when on duty. I like the presence they give…especially when dining later at night.

Yes, on or off duty 25%. I have thought of having key chains made up to give the guys so my staff can tell who should get the discount.

The fire department are my best customers of the three groups. If they are on a long call they will have me deliver to the site. One day this last month there was an athrax scare at the postal sorting station and the place was in lockdown. The fire cheif ordered pizza for the 50 staff that were in the building as well as his crew. He also insisted no discount on the order as it was not out of the guys pockets.

We do 50% for police and fire on duty. They don’t make much in our area so it’s a thank you type of thing. I’d also like to think they’ll go easy on my drivers when they see the topper.

If the city is paying for it, however, it’s full price. I pay enough money to the city already.

10% dfiscount . . . and free beverages (Tea) when on duty, with their own cup.

We also do 25% for police and fire. If they get a slice and a soda its $1.00. But if they eat the slice in the store its free. We are in a semi-rough area in Chicago so I like the police presence.