Do we even need phones anymore?

So I have a store that averages about $4000 on Saturdays. $3500 on slow days $4500 on busy ones. Last Saturday our phone lines are completely out for the entire day. Not one call. So how much do we end up doing for the day? $3800. $3300 in online orders and $500 in walk ins. No late deliveries, no complaints ( how would they complain?) Nothing but peace and harmony.

So when does the day come when we don’t use phones for “speaking”. It can’t be too far out.

I am with you…can’t wait for that day to come in the next five years I hope

I wish all my orders came online, so peaceful.
I started having my guys ask “did you place your order online today?” As a way of promoting it bc its the bomb

I’ve thought about ditching the phones several times. Lately, we’ve been getting folks ordering online in which we tell them 45-60 mins on a busy night. They’ll call anywhere from 30-40 mins into their wait time to “ask about the status” of their order. I ask to verify if they received our email confirmation with the 45-60 min window and they reply yes and then I’m just dumbfounded on what to say next and still be nice on the phone haha! (Of course I am still)

Only using online ordering would save labor and stress that’s for sure. Plus when folks order online, if the pizza “isn’t what I ordered”, then you can simply check their order they placed and determine who’s at fault rather than the usual rhetoric of the customer is always right. Less scams and more accountability. Not taking cc numbers on the phone, not hearing the rings all night long and in my fucking sleep for that matter!

I’ve now started a box topper promo that gives folks 5% off if they use my website for online ordering and traffic has nearly doubled on there in the past month.

If a 5% discount doubles the online orders I’m in. I have to get our online orders to 50% in the next year or 2.

We were without our phones a few months back at 1 location (thanks Comcast) and we did the same amount of sales as we usually do (thankfully it was only a Monday). I think the online sales actually got us over what our sales usually are due to the average ticket which was nice.

I’ve thought about the idea of going down to 2 phone lines instead of 3 to see if people would go online if they hear a busy signal. However, you could always give the impression you’re too busy at that point and the go elsewhere.

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we just added our message on hold service to promote online ordering…let’s see how that works

The busiest store in our company was right in the path of Hurricane Matthew. Most of their town was out of power today and they opened for carryout only with generators powering their lights, computers, ovens, walk in ect. There was no phone and no internet. After an afternoon of 100-200 dollar hours their phone service was restored and multiple 1000 dollar carryoout only hours followed. Phones are still crucial to the delco business and will be for the long term.

I would love to do away with phones I feel like they interrupt the more important aspects of service but in our area I don’t believe this would be possible as we deal with a bit of an older demographic that is not as tech savvy as the young ones. We do get a good amount of online orders but it’s not enough to make a dent in the labor aspect of things. We also are a tourist destination year round and out of towners have tons of questions. We deliver to campgrounds beaches and hotels on a daily basis and people constantly have questions.

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