Do you carry delivery driver insurance?

How many of you carry delivery liability insurance for your drivers? Our business is incorporated. We have carried the insurance in the past, but our policy is expiring. The current company will not renew. We found 2 other companies, but the premiums are more than double what we were paying. With the economy slowing down, business is down. I can’t afford the cost, but I am afraid to not have it. Any suggestions? Thanks.

We use:

Give them a call and ask to speak with George Tomlinson. We saved a pile o’ cash switching to them with a bundled General Business and Non-owned Delivery Vehicle Liability policy. Oh, they helped to underwrite our Workers Comp Insurance too.

It is the cost of doing business period. You are better off adding a small delivery fee to cover the cost or stopping delivery all together.

Look around and keep looking we saved a fortune when our policy was expired after 13 years. It was territory pretty much unkown and ended up being a fantastic opportunity to save thousands. We called around, gained some knowledge and saved some money.