Do you collect all addresses

As the title states, do you collect addresses for all of your customers? Or are some people put off when you request their address even if they are getting their order for pickup. Now that I am direct mailing, it would help to track, along with give me more customers to send out postcards to if I had addresses for all of them.



I am thinking about doing a raffle for a gift certificate if people fill out their info. Hoping that works to get myself a mailing list as I have no POS.

The raffle idea is fine, but I would walk out and never return if someplace asked for my address, for a pickup order. The local Radio Shack did something like that, (and hopefully the employees misunderstood their instructions), my wife was refused service when she refused to supply that info, and also was told that they could follow her home, and/or trace her address through the DMV from her car license plate. My point is: employees can screw up anything you do, so be careful.

Maybe having a non-invasive sign saying “give us your email address/like us on Facebook for special offers and other updates”. That way, it’s up to the customer to offer the information.

I never had a problem at RS with not giving address info. Some places want/need zip code for credit card verification, I’m fine with that.

I have had the name, address, phone number thing at radio shack just buying some resistors to fix our invisible dog fence. If I had a choice I would have gone elsewhere but nobody else local carried what I needed, as the smeagol8 said, it was the employees approach.

I would not be turned off by a request for my address so that you could mail me coupons and just so you can see which areas are ordering, but it would have to be presented in that way and not made mandatory as part of the order. Many people are overly sensitive about providing any information because others have found ways to misuse or abuse personal info. If you chose to collect addresses for pick up orders it could be presented something like " Would you like us to add you to our mailing list for coupons and special offers?" and make the customer opt in to get the carrot of the special offer.

I came here to day the same thing about Radio Shack. That kind of invasive questioning is detrimental to your customer relationship. Put up a fish bowl for business cards, and let it go.