Do you do ice cream?

Anyone do pizza and ice cream? Probably because of the NAPICS show I’ve always thought about doing ice cream, but I only dabbled in it last summer. The DQ here in town has lines all the time, and no where in town to get dipped ice cream. I bought a small dipping cabinet and put it behind my bar, but I’m thinking of just maybe doing pints instead so that they are quick to serve. Does anyone do something similiar? I’ve talked to a few friends in the past out west who do ice cream and it does pretty well for him. But I’d like to hear more opinions.

Yep. Have been doing so for over 20 years.


Can you tell me how you sell it? Do you do pints? Hand dipped? Do you sell it in packages for delivery? How do you display it? I’m worried that placing it behind my bar will keep it “hidden” and I want move enough product. Give me the “scoop” :slight_smile:


we do it but were glutens for punishment!!!we do hand dipped we also do shakes and sundaes it does very well but seems when we are very very busy is when the guy shows up for 5 shakes.we are the only ones doing hand dipped in town most cust. really appreciate the quality and dont mind paying the extra.

I had a Taylor soft-serve…used to package pies & ice cream or fried chicken & ice cream…used 2 put it in 16 oz styros…easy to clean machine & easy 2 deliver…plus we sold cones…

I am in Wisconsin and we have a local brand called Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream. They are a super-premium ice cream and a state wide favorite. You can only get it in there retail stores or stores like mine that have been authorized to sell it. We offer 10 flavors in pints only. We started about a month ago and are averaging about 20 pints a day a $3.99. We are a delco and people love the idea of having a pint of ice cream delivered with there pizza. It also works great for promos. You can do a special where they buy a 16" pizza and a 2-liter of soda and get a FREE pint of ice cream, my cost is $1.99 customers perceived value is 3.99. I think it is going to be great after we do more promoting of it.

I would suggest going with a local brand that is known for quality, as I am sure you want to be know for using quality items, and do something easy like pints.

We deliver Ben & Jerry’s pints. Most of them are free. I would rather provide the added value of a pint that costs me $2.65 but has a percieved value of $5.00 than give a discount and lower my ticket average.

It is a VERY popular promotion.

Thanks Crusher. I am leaning towards your line of thinking. However, I don’t really have a local favorite that I know of. The brand Ehlers used to be big around town, they had 20 stores, but they closed them all in the 80’s. Now you can only get the ice cream at big events from carts. I don’t know if they still distribute the ice cream or not, but that is an idea. How much labor is involved in hand packing pints?


Labor is very low on it. We have a single door upright freezer after the order is taken, the order taker takes the labels and goes back to the freezer, puts the ice cream in a bag (provided by ice cream company with there logos)with a plastic spoon, then they seal the bag shut with the label. They then place the bags in the door of the freezer. When a driver put the dilvery together he will see the ice cream on his delivery slip and go to the freezer, all he has to do is look for the label with the order number for that delivery and place it into a freezer bag with a gel ice pack.

Sounds like more work then it really is, we hadn’t had a problem until last night, when someone left the freezer door open and we had to throw out 183 pints, or $366 worth of ice cream, I was not very happy tonight.

Another plus is the ice cream company will co-op for some of the advertising.

we do hand dipped pints $2.75 and milkshakes the same. About 150 shakes per week 4 flavors. Yes they are a pain in the neck and i make more $ on other things, but to me they are a great hook as our main competitor doesn’t have them. I’ve never marketed the pints heavily but I like the " buy a Large & a 2-Liter and get a FREE pint of ice cream" angle. also, newer triple mixers are $475-500 and are built like crap.


I’m looking to launch this after the July 4th Holiday. Any last bit of advice?


Keep it cold and keep those coils clean :slight_smile:

Hi all What doe’s hand dipped mean? I’ve never heard that expression used before. I have to add I’m from the U.K.

It means that ice cream is scooped from a bulk container (like 3-gallon tubs) literally “by hand” using an ice cream scoop or spade. Often placed onto a cone or into a cup. In the Colonies, we use the term to differentiate from pre-packaged ice cream products and from soft-serve dairy treats.