Do you ever consider using MSG?

Hi everyone, I have I question.

Basically I’ve read little bit of MSG and I’m wondering if is worth to use MSG in pizza dough, sauce and other products?

How do you use it? Do you add before making food or you sprinkling on top after?

Why would you want to use it?

Because probably many business owners does it and add it to sauce or cheese. And that is why I’m asking if any of you wold or wouldn’t recommend to use it. Many Chinese restaurants add it to every dish and in Asia is simply normal to use it. I kanw it can be found in many fresh ingredients but still maybe food can taste better with it…

It has its place in certain items, it rounds off the taste of salt making it more pleasent in the right ratios, I dont know if any pizza related use would be helpful. Its used in salad dressings, seasoning blends.
There is alot of stigma about using it, most of the issues people complain about its use are unfounded scientificaly atleast.
It enhances the flavor of meat well

This was recently spoken about on Healthline here is a link to the complete article

yeah here in the US it has a bad name and yes many asian cooks swear by the stuff. I won’t touch it but it is in a lot of stuff we use like ranch dressing and chicken base. I always look at ingredient list to make sure its not in what I buy. It is usually listed under its lesser known full chemical name and not its acronym…monosodium glutamate. It works as a salt substitute but it also ads a punch of umami depth; so you will find it in soups, meat dishes, and dressings.