Do you give a Receipt or No?

My sandwich shop has never given receipts unless the customer asks for them (which is almost never) but I was thinking, what about the coupon or promo that you would put at the top or bottom of the receipt?

Is it worth it to print a receipt for everyone and give it to them? Or save the money on the thermal paper? Even though they will just throw it away? It’s different if it were delivery, but it’s quick service, subway style.


If you are printing coupons on your receipts by all means give them out to the customers. Make a point of telling them about the coupon as you hand the receipt to them. It could be as good as box toppers for a marketing tool.

We give receipts. We also have coupons on the back of the receipt. For us, the coupons bring customers back to the shop.

you can always use the receipt as a bounce back… Bring this back within 7 days and get 10 or 15% off your next bill!

It works!


We use Square for our payment system and don’t have printed receipts. The customer can choose to receive a text receipt, or one by email.