Do you guys charge employees for uniforms?

I’m just curious to whether I should be passing the full price of uniform (Shirts and Tshirts) onto my employees, since they are the ones who will use them. How many of you do that? Do you charge them for it? If so, how much?
Thank you in advance.

?? Are you kidding?

No. If you want employees to wear your uniform you provide it. If you are lucky, you can get them to clean them.

On the other hand, if you provide a set of shirts (We provide one shirt for each shift per week, so an employee that works four shifts a week will have four shirts) and the employees loose them, I could charging for replacments.

bjodegahwy…when charging them for replacements…do you charge cost/cost plus/or retail if you sell your shirts to the public?


We don’t charge but we do hold $30 of their final pay until the uniform is returned CLEAN and IRONED.

Must say that we go through heaps of caps which I think they leave at home and pinch someone else’s one, then that person says “mine is missing from where we leave them. Can I have another?”


We don’t want them back after they have been worn. We figure it makes the new employee feel nasty getting someone’s used uniform. And you cannot withhold a paycheck.

We are considering a policy of charging them the cost of the uniform should they leave in the first several months. However, the law seems to be that they must agree to this and that the charge cannot reduce their wages earned to less than minimum wage.

Tricky situation. Simplest solution may be for us to be very careful in who we hire and just chalk it up to the cost of doing business and investing in the employee.

Our plans include adding a washer and dryer. We may very well do their cleaning as well.

The kitchen employees are expected to be wearing a clean company shirt at work. If they want more than on shirt per weekly shift in order to accomplish that, they can buy them at cost.

Who knows where all the shirts go. I buy about 40 shirts every 18-24 months or so and that seems to keep us in stock.

I charge my staff for shirts. I also buy them back when they quit. I didn’t when I first started out on my own, but I found that my staff took better care of ‘my stuff’ when they knew they were responsible for it.

You could do like I do with our aprons…have someone take them home and wash all for a small fee, if the situation was that bad.

I wash our aprons at no cost to my manager, but not everyone would be so willing, probably. haha

We provide all employees with two shirt and a hat upon being hired. If they want more or we deem them to dirty we charge them our cost. We also do not want them back when they leave…

Our employees have to wear a uniform not only for name exposure but so we have some control over them being “tidy”

Our employees are given 2 shirts at the time of hire. If they are with us for 6 months they are free. If they quit or terminated they have to pay for their shirts. I don’t want them back, no on feels good in a used shirt.

I buy them in quanity so they cost me about 4 bucks a shirt. Cheap enough they can buy extra shirts if need be. If they don’t come to work with a shirt, they have to buy one. If their shirt is dirty or worn they have to leave me that shirt and I give them a new one. We cut the shirt up and throw it away so no one wears it.