Do you guys have mobile websites?

Hi everyone, just wondering if you guys have mobile websites?.. websites designed just for mobile devices. I recently started building one for my brother’s pizza shop. Everyone now day uses their cellphones to get phone numbers, locations of places, menus (for restaurants) etc. And also if you do online ordering, you can set up your mobile site for people to place their orders using their cellphones… check out what i have done so far:

Main site: htpt://

If you type the main web address from any mobile device, it will redirect you to the mobile website which is:

Once you open the website it recognizes if you are trying to access it from a cellphone. This can be very useful for pizzerias, restaurants etc. Also if you check the directions button, you type your address and depend on your cellphone it will open the phone default GPS system, Google Maps or Google Navigation to take you to the place.

If any of you guys are interested, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to explain everything more.

We wrote a blog post about this right before pizza expo this year. There are a couple mobile site builders which are inexpensive and easy to use.

(this is RaymiR)

That is a great article. I hope a lot of people here realize how important mobile sites are, since I created a mobile site for the pizza shop, I took a look at the stats and 60% of the hits we get on our website are redirected to the mobile site. It also shows me what type of devices people are using, most of them are android phone and iphones. Also that price $25 per month, I can do it cheaper and since I am in the pizza business I know what works and what doesn’t.

This is a great article about how PAPA JOHN’S is marketing their mobile site: … -mobile-ad

And this article is about DOMINOS using the power of facebook and mobile phones to promote deals: … -promotion

Also this is another article about DOMINOS huge sale increase tanks to Mobile Technology. … n-in-sales

I hope you guys find those articles helpful. I try to help as much as I can all the years I have been a member and maybe some of you think I just try to sell my marketing services. My main priority is to be helpful and obviously if someone is in need of services that I am familiar with of course i will do it. So I hope PMQ realizes that and activates my account since maybe they think i was spamming before or something I don’t know.