Do you guys "Trust" doorhanger companies?

I’ve used them four times now but am really doubting whether they drop them all or not. The last couple drops were really dismal. From driving the area it kinda looks like they skip a lot of streets.

It seems most of you guys talk about doing it yourselves (or employees dropping them). Are you guys saving money or from experience you know the delivery companies don’t do their job?

I would never ever use a company. Why you have a store full of able bodied energetic kids who can and will do it. You will be surprised at the reaction.

In our store we get a team together. We hit neighborhoods close. Usually about 5 employees and one leader. They go from 3-4:30 quick and painless. We all discuss when one of our “hits” orders and they see the work pay off.

Going in a group with a leader makes sure it gets done. Most of them appreciate the extra hours. A few of the girls have asked to do it because in essence they get paid to excercise.

In the begining we only did 2 people and it was quite exhausting and painful hard but the more people you have the faster it goes and the more area you can cover.

If you saturate one area it keeps the service level high because they are close and they can do multiple deliveries.

I wouldn’t trust a doorhanger company.

Hire 4 kids at minimum wage to go out with yourself or one of your managers. You or your manager drive, drop two kids off at the end of a street, the other two on the next street. Meet them at the end and then bring them to the next street.
On hilly streets you drop them off at the top and let them walk down. And after about an hour, I’ll go get them some icy cold water and it rejuvienates them for the next hour.

The other thing we do which we consider to be doorhanging is when a driver goes on delivery we ask them to hang the two houses on either side and the one across. If your driver has 15-20 deliveries in a night that’s 30-60 doorhangers you got out. My drivers complained at first, but then once they saw that it worked they didn’t mind.

I doorhang about 3 days a week. Today I took two employees with me and we did about 700 homes in about 2 hours (4 total man-hours not counting me).

I’ve never hired a company but I occasionally pay neighborhood kids to do it when they’re interested. But I’m afraid the only way to get it done right is to do it yourself.

Now there’s an interesting idea.

I think the problem with sending employees out or hiring neighborhood kids is the same as hiring a company. Unless you have the time to walk it with them you don’t know if they just went in one of the houses to play video games or not. I brought the idea up to some of my guys and they all laughed because when they were kids they were asked to do such things and they usually just wound up hanging out for a few hours in a parking lot of strip mall.

I thought of paying my guys by the return they get. Told them I would pay them $5 for every coupon redeemed.

Last summer I hired a couple of neighborhood kids to door hang for me. The door hangers had 3 coupons on them. I paid the kids 1 large pizza and a soda each time they went out to door hang. I then gave them $1 for every door hanger coupon that came back. They had the opportunity to earn $3 from every door hanger. They shared the pizza and split the money. The dollar for each coupon really motivated them to pass as many out as they could. This kept them from throwing the door hangers out and not doing their job. The more they got hung, the more they got paid. They got about 1000 door hangers hung each week and they made some pretty good money. It was a win win situation for all of us. I got a lot of extra sales and many new customers from the door hangers and they made some money along with some free food as well.

I don’t know if this was a doorhanger company or the restaurant’s own employees, but one Saturday I saw a couple of guys walk out of a bar and throw a bunch (like 500) door hangers on the ground and walk away. It was windy that day and they were blowing around everywhere, so I grabbed one and called the manager of the restaurant to give him a heads up. Don’t know what happened after that though.