Do you have a baby changing table?

We are in the process of expanding our store and possibly adding a small dining room section. This is going to require us to build another bathroom for customer use. Actually, we had never thought of putting in a baby changing station in the restroom…but this recent news story about a local pizza chain has us wondering…how many of you have a changing table in your restroom?

Always had them in our woman’s room. Now that I have a baby of my own, we have one in each restroom.

In today’s world I wouldn’t even second guess it, but that’s just me.

We do not have them in either restroom at our place…starting to reconsider now

I have one in a family/handicap restroom. My smaller restroom does not have one.

We have them in both of ours and get a few compliments every once in a while from our men’s section, we take it a step further with wipes and a diaper…learned the hard way though that we only put out 2 diapers at a time, and mounted the box of wipes so no one takes them and we just refill when needed.

That’s awesome!