Do you have block pricing? Who is the vendor?

If you have a block price + increment agreement for cheese prices, please tell us who the vendor is and what region you are located in.

I am trying to work one out with my supplier right now, but they don’t seem to be used to doing it. The main supplier I am going with is Shamrock Foods, I believe they are up in Colorado also, but if they won’t do it I will probably use Roma as well. I really like Shamrock though as I used them for about 10 of the 12 years I had my sports bar, and they are great to work with here in Arizona. I will let you know what winds up happening.

I posted a similar thread about a month ago on this. After hearing that others were doing “block plus”, I inquired with my supplier to see what it would take to get on a similar program. Last Friday, my rep got back to me and they agreed to do “block + 10 cents”. I thought she was joking, but I checked this week and my price for Mozz is $1.76 per pound. That is over 50 cents less than what I paid last week.

I think the main thing is persistence and it sure doesn’t hurt to have a secondary supplier. When your suppliers know there are two players in the game, they have a totally different attitude towards pricing. IMHO.

Grande wm block today $2.52 :stuck_out_tongue:

You got block pricing on Grande Cheese? I need to know who you are shopping with in GA. That’s a deal I need in on.

PFS in Atlanta 800-969-0320 they are the old bari company they follow the market weekly for me Angelo is my salesman

we are on block over pricing

this week its 1.71 for LFPS della vita blocks

When I spoke to the Grande distributor for GA, he said Grande does not do block pricing. They must have changed their way of doing business in this now uber-competitive marketplace. Gotta give them a call and find out if I can get in on better pricing.