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nobody’s touchin that one with a ten foot pole !

We make our own meatballs, have been for the last couple of years, they are delicious. We use them for meatball submarines, spaghetti and chop them as a pizza topping.

I was hoping someone would chime in with a commercial recipe, 5 years ago I was never asked “are your meatballs homemade?”
Now every customers asks.
We buy frozen at 23 cents an ounce.
I want to make my own, I’ve tried a couple times with internet recipes but none of them were better then what we currently buy and the price wasn’t any cheaper.

There will be a recipe in the meatball article when it comes out in December. Good luck!

I buy a meatball mix from a 100 plus year old italian grocery store in Des Moines, IA. Just add the mix to pork and beef and egg. They are awesome.
I do not do meatballs daily. Only when I make gravy and decide to have spaghetti.
I won’t do frozen and my motto on anything id, If I do not make it myself, I do not serve it.

we make our meatballs from scratch they are great! we sell tons! ground beef, breadcrumbs, eggs, onion, fresh parsly, salt, pepper…easy peasy lemon squeezy! Use a ice cream scoop and form into balls with wet hands them bake them off…cover with tomato sauce and enjoy. And zipps is right…once they go onto the freezer they are never the same…gotta be made fresh daily.

I make a 3 meat meatball-pork,veal, ground beef, that I learned from my mother and grandmother. They came from Italy to NJ and did everything old world. We would add stale bread, some herbs, fresh garlic, some parm reg cheese, eggs, salt, pepper. They were baked for a few in the oven and then put in the big pot of sauce to cook for hours with the meat bones. Walter

yeeeessssss! that’s the traditional way of doing it. I don’t put the other meats in mine cuz that’s how my family has always done it.

meatballs are the great anything goes in them dish and IMO there is no one recipe that is the end all. We would grate some onions too at times. My mother told me in Italy they would put in whatever they had laying around :slight_smile: Walter