Do you need flour in goodie bags?

Hi Tom,

Do I actually need flour in my premixed goodie bags ?

At the moment I use IDY, Sugar, Salt, & 100g Flour.

But if I don’t actually need flour, I’d rather not use it.

I’m not really worried about masking the ingredients, just want to reduce the chances of errors.

Appreciate the help

No, flour is not needed in your case. Flour is added to help mask the ingredients and even more importantly, to help separate some ingredients which might pose a problem with clumping if not well dispersed in the mix. An excellent example of this would be vital wheat gluten or dry milk solids.
I fail to see where the elimination of any flour from the “base” aka goodie bag will eliminate and errors in the goodie bag mix. The use of a goodie bag though will go a long way in eliminating scaling errors at the dough side though.
The best way to add the goodie bag is to put it right on top of the flour (water in bowl first, then flour and goodie bag contents on top of the flour, then begin mixing in your normal manner. Be sure to date the goodie bags and put a “use by” date on each one. The maximum time we recommend holding a goodie bag made is a store is 10-days.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I was under the impression you do not want to mix yeast directly with another item (sugar or salt?) because it would kill the yeast. Is this true? If not, I think this is a great idea and would love to minimize the possibility for mistakes or forgetting to add an item to the batch of dough (which does happen from time to time).


You are correct about the yeast not playing well with salt and sugar BUT this is only true with wet yeast/compressed yeast, fresh yeast, brick/block yeast or any dry yeast that has already been suspended/activated in water. With IDY in a goodie bag the salt and sugar actually work to protect the yeast from moisture which is the #1 enemy of IDY or ADY. (The salt and sugar have a greater affinity for moisture than IDY so they will absorb any moisture first, thus protecting the IDY).
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor


We portion IDY out in cups with lids and store in the walk in until ready for use. Is this actually hurting the yeast then? Would we be better off portioning with our salt/sugar packs then keeping them at room temp? Or combine all those dry ingredients (excluding flour) and still store in the walk in cooler?



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I’d just put the IDY, salt and sugar all together with a few ounces of flour, place in covered cup, shake to mix and store in the cooler up to a week.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor