Do You Use Cordless Phones?

I need to replace my phones because they’re way to quiet for as close as they are to the oven. The ones I have are corded, but I would like to use cordless. Am I going to be unhappy?

Also, am I right that, even though I have two lines, I don’t need multi line phones because I have hunting?

I have found the standard cordless phones that one would use in as a house phone are not very good in a my kitchen. There is too much noise and the interferance from the compressors and florecent lights cause way too much static.

There are high quality phones that you can get with noise cancelling technology but you can expect to pay around $300 per phone.

Another thing you can look into is a headset for your regular phone with remote handset lifting feature like this one. … dsets/cs55 But again they are not cheap.

I use a Panasonic KX-TG4000B. It has 4 line capability, but I only use 3. The base is corded and I use 3 cordless handsets. It’s a good system, but the handsets seem to have some chronic problems (#1 button, low volume, etc.).

Indie, you will need a multi-line phone because the hunt group enables your customers to call one number, but rolls over to the second line if the first line is busy.

Pizza fanatic is right.

You will need some form of multiple line capabilities. This may be done in different ways. If you have a telephone system that will allow you to use standard POTS (plain old telephone set) phones then you will not need a multi line cordless.

If you would like to PM me with the details of what you have I would be more than happy to draw on my years of telephone installer/repairman knowledge to give you a hand.

If you have a hard time hearing your new phone (or your old one for that matter), places like Radio Shack sell external ringers that are much louder. 2 wires to install, and you can remotely mount it near your ovens or prep table. Low cost project (under $20), which will pay for itself by not missing that call.

I should have been clearer, I have a ringer amplifier already, the volume issue I have is hearing my customers on the phone. I don’t have the best hearing to start with from my days of owning a rock club, I don’t like how often I have to ask customers to repeat themselves, I’m sure it’s annoying for them.

I have EXACTLY the same problem. It’s not a lack of ringer volume, interference or crackling, it is a lack of earpiece volume in the handset. I have tried cheap phones, expensive ($300) phones, even went to the hearing aid sales people
and tried a “noise cancelling” amplified phone for the hard of hearing. It was beyond a doubt THE WORST. I think they should re label it “Background Noise Amplifying” lol…I have tried dealing with our local phone company (Telus), office supply outlets, all to no avail.
Somebody must? make a phone with a LOUD earpiece volume and a background noise cancelling microphone?
I’m talking it should almost hurt if you turn it up to max.
I almost don’t care what it costs, just point me in the right direction. No, I do not want headsets as my staff answer phones, deliver, prep, do dishes etc etc. Clive.

The technology behind a telephone is designed so you are able to hear yourself to a small degree. This “sidetone” is where the problem gets out of hand. There are sets that are designed for noisey locations the have an amplified ear piece and a “push to talk” button with a noise cancelling mouth piece. The problem with this setup is as soon as you push the talk button you will amplify the background noise even with a nosie cancelling mouth piece.

To my knowlege there are only a few suppliers of this equipment and none that I am aware of that make them in a cordless phone. I will do some checking with my contacts from my old Telus days and see if there have been any new developments in the past few years.

Thanks. Really appreciate your help.Not being a phone tech I don’t understand why they can not use the same technology as my VHF radio mic on my boat. You have to speak within 1/2 an inch of the mic or you come across as very quite if at all . No background noise gets transmitted. I mean none. Not even those twin diesels in the background!! Must be such a small market they don’t go there?

If you have a Nortel system these have been a good handset. … -location/

Those seem like what we need. However, now make them cordless lol…