Do you use coupons to promote your store?

This is a question posted in the Spanish language Think Tank. But you can respond in English here and I’ll translate back for PizzArte.

PizzArte writes:

I have heard that using coupons to promote your products can lower the value of your products in the market and it’s better to let people try your pizza free but I don’t think I can afford to do that. Has anyone of your had a negative experience by using coupons?

There are many ways to use coupons to build your business. Offering a coupon with an offer: “Buy two, get one free” during slow days of the week can increase your ticket average and increase sales on slow days.

I am a firm believer in never discounting my pizza. I feel that it gives the impression that “regular” price is inflated so you can discount. The way I get people to try my food for the first time is by donating to a charity. I find a group that is running an event and give a coupon for a free personal pizza to each volunteer helping out at the event. I call this FOOD IN MOUTH ADVERTISING. It has worked very well for me.