Do you use QR codes?

I started using them almost a decade ago to build my sms mailing list. I hadn’t much thought of them these days, but they are all over. I came across this article today and thought I should pass it on:

How To Promote Restaurant Business Using QR Codes

Some great advice on how to implement them into your business.

edit: That link doesn’t seem to work with bbcode. Here is the url:
(works if you cut and paste, select > ctrl+c, ctrl+ in the address bar)

edit 2: Tiny URL FTW!


Link does not work, you need to copy the url and paste. i think its this one … iness.html

good read. I am not sure though the life span of QR codes, as logo recognition is coming, so you just take a picture of your logo, and it performs like a QR codes. not here yet, but that is whats coming.

There are also some good QR generator out there as well

There are also now ways of embedding your logo/name within the qr as well


Strange. Your link doesn’t work either, and we both have them correct.

They both worked for me???

Anyway - I have been using them for several years. When I first submitted them to my advertisers back then they all had no clue what they were or how to use them and if the resolution was good, ect.

Now they are everywhere - they did start in Japan a decade ago but only reached the states a few months before I started using them. BlackBerry messenger was first smartphone to use them and it was for their internal messenger service to swap contact info.

Good stuff

Neither worked for me either. Tiny URL is a great way to eliminate that problem.

Total coincidence, i was speaking to a PayPal guru last night and QR codes came up in the conversation. I did not realise that you can link a QR code to a service in paypal, that if a customer scans in a QR and follows the link, PayPal can be automatically set up, to take the money, (it called merchant initiated billing) send you the money and an email telling you joe blogs has just order a large cheese pizza and wants it delivered here, at this time. There is no more interaction required by the end user, no paypal log in, nothing. They get an email telling them of the order.


Here in the UK QR codes aren’t that popular (compared to the far east where you cant avoid them), I did think of putting one beside each pizza on our menu that would automatically add that pizza to their mobile ordering basket, but we get very few mobile orders.

I did hear once of a sandle/flip flop shop on a beach having custom soles so as people walked on the beach it left a QR code to his shops website imprinted in the sand. Smart man.

Maybe there are some creative uses in the pizzaworld, such as being very careful and placing the olives on the pizza to create a QR code!