Doctoring Buffalo Sauce

Anyone have a recipe theyd be willing to share to make my buffalo sauce better? I use Crystal hot sauce now, and have noticed other places doctor thiers by adding spices to it. Wanted to give it a shot but dont know where to start

What do you want the end result to be?

Bit hotter, bit thicker, more flavorful in general

Frank’s Red Hot original sauce add clarified butter. I do 1/4 cup of butter for 4 cups of Frank’s. I also add a lime for more flavor but it’s thicker without the lime. This sauce will also be Gluten Free whereas if you simply bought Frank’s Buffalo Sauce, that’s not guaranteed on their label to be gluten free.

Joe, thanks!
Clairified butter-ill try it out

we use Frank’s Wing Sauce, not the hot sauce. On a side note, have you guys every tried throwing an order of sauced hot wings back in the fryer for another minute? You end up with these double fried wings that cook in the sauce and they are awesome. It will probably kill the life of my fryer oil but they are insanely good with no mess! Actually considering offering them…if we get any no-show orders for wings we do this and we literally have to fight over who get to eat these…thoughts?