Does any 1 use PIZZAPOS

the website is they are just software…any 1 use?

use them have for about a year what do you need to know

They are just software. The great part is that they don’t “integrate” hardware markup into their process. The downside is that they don’t know what hardware you’re running and any specific fixes that might help (bios upgrades, etc).

The trial is very mildly crippled (or was when I got a copy a year or more ago). Only a couple of features didn’t work. I emailed and asked why and they sent me a key (tied to a ficticious company, but allowed me to test it more thoroughly). Overall, the support I got was very good.

I would suggest that you buy new computer systems, not used stuff with an unknown history. For this particular application (use, not software), I would suggest something like a Dell computer or other major name brand. You can hodge-podge a network together, but a home-brew can cost a lot more in the end due to the kludge factor. If you’re a computer geek, then you can hodge podge at will.

I have used it for 10 years now, best thing is you can grow with the system
10 years no problems that should say something!

good company to start with does not have all the bells and whistles of diamond touch. has everything you “Need” not a bunch of selling points you will never use

I use it and I find it works just great for what we use it for, it isnt as flashy, might not have all the little gadgets, but works great.