does anyone do 100,000 per month

We went from 1200 sf in april doing about 27,000 per month to my concept we opened in mid april. We are on pace this month to do close to 100,000. Last month did close to 90,000. Just ordered a new pos system to keep up, can’t wait to get it. We do not deliver, dine in and carry out only. I never in my wildest dreams thought we would be doing over 60,000 per month, that was my goal when we moved to the new location of 3,700 sf. Anyone else doing these numbers? Have even been approached by two different investment groups who are interested in opening my concept in surrounding towns. If you are doing these numbers or close, what is your payroll per month including the managers salary. My manager and part owner is my brother, he makes around 45,000 salary, we then have two other assistant managers who will each be making a salary of 22,000 plus bonus of 3% of profit. This could be anywhere from 3 to more than 10 thousand.
Thanks, kel

what pos system did you get?

I will approach that in sales this month, but am typically just under 90K per month. I am in 1100 sq feet and offer carryout and delivery only. My monthly payroll is about 28-30K per month including all payroll taxes, excluding workers comp.

Not even CLOSE here - but…
Once upon a time I ran another place that did an avaerage over 100K/month. It was long enough ago that we did that kind of volume with MOST transactions being under $2 (slice+soda). That’s a lot of foot traffic, and we ripped out most of the seating to get people in and out more efficiently. Probably a whole different kind of operation than yours.
Labor ran in the 20’s - to handle that kind of volume, we had a lot of people running around continuously prepping, etc…

Tell us more about your concept - location, theme, product differentiation, etc. I’d love to borrow some little idea from you that would help my little low-volume place bump it up a notch…


d a m n give us some promo ideas??? :wink:

Holy schnikeys!!! What are you doing to generate that kind of sales? Well…your market could support that…Holy schnikeys!!! what are doing to go from $27k per month to $100K per month. What steps did you take to generate that type of growth, that quickly? Congrats by the way.

hey t -4 -2,
sounds like you have hit the big leagues

did you get your pasta working?


Move to Orlando?? :wink: <edit: should have said Gainesville . . where Paul bakes off $90K monthly?

In our biggest 30 day period in the last year we did $130,572. In the slowest of the slow season we do about 25K. How’s that for a staffing challenge? Resort business has it’s ups and downs.

Orlando would work too. Ask Patriot soon he’ll be doing the volume. PJ’s #1 opening week store was right by UCF.

actually, that PJ is a few miles from UCF…no college deals 2 speak of…I ran a shop on the other side of UCF a while ago…$5 college pie…$20+k when students in class…$5k when no school…

New store I’d be happy @ $10K

Orlando is a tuff market…Disney steals/distrubs alotta biz

I believe they did almost 50K opening week, but last time I was there it looked kind of run down. Drivers not using car signs, slow getting to the phones, slow getting pizzas in the oven ect ect. Didn’t seem to be that busy either.

Paul. This seems really high? How many staff are you running?

We do about $45,000 per month and payroll is about $8K and our wages are much, much higher than in the US.

My store is the same size as yours so it gives me great hope to do your figures from the same size.


No chance on my store running sub 20% labor. Your 8K per month will barely pay my three top shift managers. I have 30 more employees to get paid as well. I’m pretty happy to keep my labor under 33%. Takes a lot of drivers to deliver 6000 orders per month.

Paul with that many deliveries I now know why your payroll is so high.
We wouldn’t do much more than 600 deliveries a month.

Plus three shifts mangers you would definently be open a lot more hours than us.


Open 11AM till 4AM

Ouch! $9 average order?

In winter when we are rocking, our average order at our delivery location is $28. Labor (all in, not just wages, includes taxes, bonuses etc) there, again when we are running high volume, is about 22-24%.

Labor all year is more like 30-32%.

actually about a $14 ticket average

I was looking at the 6000 deliveries and the $90,000 month quoted. I must have been having a senior moment. Sorry.

Or joining Nick and Me in the low IQ brigade. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: