Does anyone have a good southern biscuit recipe?

Or at least a good starting point for a commercial batch. We want to have a biscuit-centric brunch so I’m looking for a very solid formula. Thanks in advance.


I would like to see that.

I have never had biscuits as the ones my grand mother baked on the Kentucky family farm in the 1940 s

George Mills

George Mills

I would look up a clone for Popeyes Chicken, those things rock!
I believe you could look up “7-Up Biscuits” and find many great references. Linky >>>>

In my misspent youth as an F&B Director/Restaurant owner, I learned the trick for making biscuits in a 20 qt Hobart…I’ll have to ressurect the exact recipe, but my preference was White Lily Flour (actually it is/was their recipe on their 5# bag…the trick is to cut in frozen butter till a crumb mixture forms, then toss in the salt, baking powder & milk and mix for ten seconds or so…ya, its that fast…knead/fold just a few times…we lost our biscuit cutter & ended up using a pastry knife & made square biscuits…450 in a convection will return some tasty treats…ya, after some practice…

Can you make good biscuits or sandwich rolls in a conveyor oven? Anyone do that?

you can cook a myriad of things in yiur conveyor oven… just limited to your imagine, temp & conveyor speed…

Yes, I just meant if anyone has a recipe and how they do it in their conveyor?