Does anyone have any experience with Marsal Ovens

Looking for my first oven and have been considering a Picard or Roto_Flex…but these from Marsal Ovens…are sure impressive sounding after speaking with the rep and the company founder…If they perform as touted I think I may have found my oven…anyone know anything about them…?..THank you for your insights…

I have double stack sd-660’s. They do cook an awesome pie, but you are restricted from taking the large orders. We absolutely go nuts when we get orders over 10 pizzas. Its hard to get the consistency down. There IS downtime during the rush too, even though they promise there isn’t. And also, they say there is not need to rotate the pies, but we do still to get the extra crisp.

Another good thing about them, is they do not give off a ton of heat. Our kitchen is considerably cooler than any kitchen I’ve ever been in.

I would much, much rather have the rotating steel (or iron or whatever those things are) shelves but they were out of our price range and don’t have the space for them. So I’m happy with my choice.

I would def recommend them for a smaller scale shop.

I had the double stack in all three of my restaurants. Very good but, about 10 pies is it’s limit. The ovens do a great job and I would not hesitate to place them in another restaurant. I have no experience with the carousel ovens.

To bad about having to rotate the pies…They claimed to me with a double stack 12 18" pies…they are good price…but its disappointing to hear they do not live up to the claims…Thank you for the insights.

You have space to cook twelve. Cooking more then 10 at a time and getting it right, is tough for a pizza tender. I have been in the business for twenty years and was a trainer for a large company and now as a consultant. I think the ovens are good, they cook a great pie, I would recomend them. Depending on the design and style of the restaurant you are wanting to open, leave room for a second set of ovens. Then if the demand calls for it, make it so.

Hi guys:

I think it is mostly the quality of ingredients and the care and the way they are combined and blended that determines the quality of the pizza not the oven used.

Tom the Dough Docter has pretty much shown that about any oven properly used can bake an outstanding pizza of any style.

Again I would select the oven that is the simplest and easiest to use, that has the production capacity needed, is reasonably priced, is low in gas and electricity consumption, is easy to keep clean and has a great warranty.

George Mills

that sounds good…what oven or ovens do you like…

my money’s on XLT… go on George which is your current favourite??

lol…now is there an association with XLT ?.. :wink:

I just had an XLT installed about a month ago…and it is GREAT…too bad it’s not in the store I primarily work.

I contacted MM…and they wanted $60,000+ for the same thing I got from XLT.

XLT…let’s see, no blower needed anymore, 110V = energy savings over 220V. They now offer a 5 year warranty. Their sales staff is GREAT…and very informative and do not bash the competition. They met a very short deadline and without any bumps the units arrive and installed by Ryan who was a superstar and stayed late into the morning until we were satisfied.

As for the pundits…I moved from deck to conveyor and THERE IS NO CHANGE IN QUALITY OR TASTE. We did not have to alter our recipe…and the pizzas only take 8 minutes.

When you compare the labor savings of a conveyor…and the energy savings and being backed up by the BEST standard warranty…I too vote for XLT.

BTW…what upsets MM is that ALL of the XLT parts can be purchased from Grainger. MM was quick to say that Grainger may not stock the parts…BUT grainger WILL get the part in 24 hours and you are not paying the disgusting markup of proprietary parts like other oven manufacturers.

Now that I have rambled on…you make the choice…a deck is cheaper but when you compare all of the values of a conveyor…I will never go back to a deck…even after 30 years.

^Just clarifying… When you speak of “MM” you’re referring to Middleby Marshalls right? Not Marsal?

Sorry…correct. Was trying to save keystroke time.

Why XLT over say an Edge or any of the others out there…?

Hi Guys:

Responding to those who asked.

The XLT would be my selection.

And yes I do sell that product.

The new ovens on the market that are very much like the XLT all appear to be good ovens. An exception to that was recently discussed on this forum. Most of those that are obviously different, not as good.

Right now with the new five year warranty, generally the best price, the new Quiet Fire Burner system, low gas consumption, very low heat lost out the ends and several other recent innovations think the other manufacturers have a lot of catching up to do.

George Mills

I don’t work for XLT…or George…but I concur. Add to that MM lowered their prices this month to compete with XLT. Now, if they could lower their prices to compete with someone, and not because of any New Cost Reduction Technology…hmmmm, why where they that expensive a month before.


I have a 2 year old double deck XLT 3240 for $10,000 if anyone wants to pick it up in Texas.

Why XLT over say an Edge or any of the others out there…?

the other manufacturers have a lot of catching up to do.

I replaced my XLT’s with Edge ovens last summer. My XLT’s always cooked a great pizza but they were loud and so much heat came out the ends that it was very difficult to open wings wrapped in aluminum foil on the conveyor belt without burning your hand.

Easygoer I have stayed out of your oven threads thus far because it is obvious that you are looking to cook on a stone. While you believe that you will produce a better pizza cooking on a stone oven, I challenge you to think about the Friday dinner rushes and if you feel that you can produce not just a better pizza but 70 or 100 better pizzas an hour in that stone oven. While you talk of creating that go-to place with a high quality pizza, don’t forget that deck ovens make getting a consistent cook very difficult. What good is quality without consistency.

Bravo…I really admire those who like their conveyors and have some passion for them…


I was looking at a Rotating oven more than any other…I thought it gives the best of both worlds…high output and ease of use like the conveyor but with the bake of a deck…I was referred to Marsal and they seemed to offer perhaps a deck option but it turns out from those who are using them…that they are just not all they are advertised but still a good oven…

I am looking into the Fish right now…I am still on the fence about a conveyor…

Note to Easygoer:

The early XLT had the old style burners and no modulating gas valve, were louder and lost a lot of heat.This was common on all conveyor type ovens untill the new technoligy evolved.

Later they switched to the new style Wayne burner and Honeywell Modulating gas valves.That made the units substantially quieter and with less blow out.

The new burner on the XLT ovens (as of April 1st) Has no burner blower. That has resulted in a dramatic reduction in sound volume and extremely low blow out.

They announced the above two improvements and their new 5 year warranty at pizza expo this March.

George Mills

I knew you had made some changes…I am not asking you to sell yours against the edge but I do remember reading where they spoke of the Modulating gas…I believe …was that something they started using first and others have since also embraced…