Does anyone here sell alot of fried food?

Im asking because I sell ALOT of fryolater food.
Every other station I have (pizza and grill) there are ways to get ahead of the rush.

My fryer station gets buried everyday, If I dont have an all star running the fry station were in for a disaster.
I need away to get ahead of the game, we sell a ton of fresh chicken tenders, and French fries
Anybody got any ideas how to help my situation?

My Frying situation is getting out of hand too. But I only have a perfect fry unit. So I can only cook 1 thing at a time, Friday nights that machine is way backed up. I need to stop adding new menu items that need to be fried.
But I have no advice for you.

I sell about $4,000 a week in fried foods. I used to have an Autofry but I kept getting behind so I upgraded to a hood/ansul system with two gas vat fryers. Now I can keep up with anything. It is not unheard of for us to do $1,000+ on a busy day. Super Bowl wings sales…no problem!
I went with the fryer that has a built in filter. This is a must! You can find used ones online for cheap. Get a separate timer. The fryers with built in timers break and are expensive to fix.

We sell about $12,000 a week in fried food, just today was $1800 in fried food and it was a slow Friday bc of Thanksgiving, we use 2 pitcos with built in filtration. We hand bread our tenders, marinate and our wings precook them in the oven then fry to order.
Im looking for a way to pre bread chicken tenders ahead of time without loss of quality or anything that can get us ahead maybe a holding cabinet

We upgraded from the perfect Fry to the auto fry 40e. Now we have 2 at each location actually. Life changing

I’m just guessing here, but have you tried hand breading, frying enough to keep the breading on, then cool on a full sheet open, then fry to order? Prepare enough to run out at the the end of most rushes?

What a beast, why this over a conventional fryer?
No hood or easier to train employees.

Thats what we are going to try next, Im hoping I dont end up being a slave to that process just to end up with a lesser product

Im also calling my the company I use to bread my chicken, and see if they can offer my a solutions or product that I can pre bread without par frying, I think if theres a product out there like that, it could be incredible for my operation

No hood and safety. Also, I’ve never operated a conventional fryer so this is so simple and consistent. It’s also 10000x easier to clean this than the perfect Fry. But of you still have the perfect Fry for a while I’m actually selling a bunch of filters for it we have left over. Brand new from our perfect Fry distributor

Wow I thought it would be much harder to clean.
Yeah Id be interested in buying them.

You use a company that supplies you with a tender that is coated in batter in the liquid form? Just curious

No we buy fresh Jumbo tenders hand cut each one in strips, marinate them, then hand bread them to order we dont use a batter

There would be absolutely no way I could use an autofry machine, they cant be manipulated its only gas floor fryers with built in filtration for us

whenever I have exhausted all options and still have issues I always remember what my father said…RAISE PRICES!

I’ll get my details together on how many we have and a price, I’ll send you a direct message when I in have my numbers in line

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You don’t have the space on your kitchen either. I think your best bet is probably finding a way to prep them as much as possible ahead, and yes raise prices, makes them worth your while

I use Tyson tenders from RD 007441. 2.90 a pound. they are uncooked breaded. fry 5:30 seconds They taste great. Do you use your current process to make more money or do they taste better?

The fresh tenders cook in about 3 minutes and we also use tenders for grilled chicken we obviously dont bread the grilled chicken. Idk why we use fresh tenders I guess we just do what we know or were taught. I do know that there would be no way id sell as much tenders if I did it another way.
I do like the tenders you buy, I actually buy a case from time to time for the crew and myself to eat for something different I get a good price on them

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If you are doing Restaurant Depot, try their Big C brand of breaded tenders. I get the uncooked ones and they cook in 6:30. I think they are a better taste than Tyson and much cheaper $2.40/lb.

Alright Ill give them a try