Does anyone remember...

Father Guido Sarducci?

Barely. I remember him being on SNL when I wore a younger mans clothes.

Did the younger man mind? :). And yep, I remember him.

Oh yeah! He was a riot on SNL. Actually, I hear him on the Bob and Tom radio show once in a while. The guys real name is Don Novello.

Tom R

I thought he died

we have an opportunity to “license” the character…perhaps build a “concept”…don’t think he’s relevant anymore to make it worthwhile

I believe from talking to my friends that customers under 40 years old would not have a clue whjo he is. The 50 to 70 set would more likely remember the SNL stint he did. Depends on your demographic curve and who you are pushing the concept to . . . I’d tend to think you are right that he is, at best, much more of a regional personality up in Mid-Atlantic/New York that would have limited marketing impact.

SNL, right?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor