Does anyone use an air curtain to keep flies, etc out?

One of our locations is right night to a creek and we have a constant battle with flies an moths late after the sun goes down. We have a fly light w/ sticky pad that gets them all over night after we close, but still have a problem while we’re open. They’re attracted to the light of the store and come in when customers open the front door and when delivery drivers open the back door.

I would like to add air curtains to both doors. My concern is that customers will complain about it on the front door (messing their hair up?). It is a small take out only location so do not have to worry about any dining in issues. Does anyone here use an air curtain? Do you get complaints?

never heard a customer complain about an air curtain in 30 years. doesn’t mean it wont happen tomorrow, but odds are in your favor.

Additionally, you can add some lights to the perimeter of your property, the flying insects will be more attracted to them than the lights of your store.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We have sold many of them and never a complaint of that problem.

We have a couple of locations where they are required on our front door.

I don’t think we have gotten a complaint but it does startle people here and there.