Does anyone use Mercury Payment System?

Hi I just bought cash register express for my bussiness and it didnt say i needed a merchant account but now it does after i had bought it and no refunds so i cant return it cash register express gives me many options of merchant dealers iam thinking about mercury payment systems because of there free gift cards also if any body has mecury payments and would like to save some money on there bill i can and would be happy to refer you so you could save money i would call up mercury and give them your name and company name and then they will get in touch with you if needed my bussiness is called Amy’s Pizza House please email me at or respond back to this topic thank you very much have a great day

wow thats a long sentance. are you wondering how mercury payment systems is for your business or are you trying to get a discount for refering a new customer. I wasn’t offered that when i went with mercury. I just like their customer service no charge gift cards and rates they are charging me for processing

The spam meter is registering pretty high on this one…