Does anyone use

Has anyone heard of or use this POS system?

Never heard of them, but I was looking under the FAQ and here’s a couple of things

How Do I Stop The Ad Messages?
The advertisements that appear when you start AveraSell will go away if you purchase a support agreement or upgrade to AveraSell Plus.

Can I Use Other Credit Card Services?
If you decide not to use AveraCharge, our credit card service, you will have to purchase a stand-alone terminal or purchase third-party software, such as PCCharge, in order to process credit cards.

Probably would work if you are on a budget and have only single terminal

I have been playing with the download for the last week. Have yet to see a advertisement messages?
I think the posts refered to by Napoli might be about another pos because cant find anything about Aversell or Averacharge anywhere on Positive feedbacks website.
I think it is a pretty good beginers setup especially for the price! I still use the old pen and paper and this looks like it has all the reports and customer tracking that I am looking for.
I have been playing with the menu design trying to get all of mine in then was going to play with it for about a week or so befoer deciding

Well Averasell is on the front page of the website.

The website says that this POS is only made for use on one computer. So I don’t think that would work well for us.

Ok I see what the thing is I am looking at the .net site you might be on a .com site.
the one I have been looking at is
it is for one computer but at $99 a year you could have 6 of them and still be way under any other system and get more benefits then the other price units. nd it is able to be networked