Does anyone use or have an informed opinion on Saputo Gold?

With cheese prices on the rise, we met with a rep from Saputo to see if their Gold label would work for us. We currently use 100% Grande (part skim), but with prices rising close to $3/lb we’re looking to cut it with something that won’t have too obvious an affect on taste and appearance.

We tested it today on our pie. The 100% Saputo Gold definitely looked and tasted differently. I think adding 25-30% to our mix wouldn’t be too noticeable though.

Is anyone here satisfied with this product? Is this a cheese that I’m going to use for a few months and then it’s going to be an oily burn heavy mess all of the sudden?

Ive always had a soft spot for Grande especially part skim.
Grande part skim is awesome on a plain cheese pizza.
Once toppings are added its just another cheese.

I dont think you should cut Grande with some other cheese.

Is there anyway you could use Grande for cheese only pies, and something cheaper for topped pizza?

Just curious, why wouldn’t you cut Grande with another cheese?

It would be difficult to use Grande for cheese only pies. We’re multi location, we shred our cheese at our commissary and delivery it to 7 locations; it’s always hard to get them to change anything. I’m not sure I like the idea of having a different cheese for different pies either.

Bc I tried doing it when I first opened, cheese prices spiked and I was using Grande, I cut it with a cheaper mozzarella cheese, it didnt taste or look like Grande anymore, so why bother paying more for it.
Eventually I found a non Grande cheese I was happy with 50/40/10. Mozz prov ched.

I reread the first post, Ive never tried Saputo gold cheese

i have been using Saputo for the last 20+yrs. Not sure about Saputo Gold in particular since I use Saputo Lugano, but I do know there are differences in their products based upon what plant they are from (WI vs CA). If I remember correctly 141 & 165 mean WI so check out the label to determine where it is being sourced. I paid $2.39 this week

I’m paying 2.99 ilb for grande from us foods currently. We mix part skim and whole milk. I haven’t found a product that I’m happy with to ever switch. Going on 20 years now, either cheese burns or it doesn’t taste close.