Does anyone work anymore?

I was pounding the pavement with menus today. I noticed more people at home than ever. It was funny seeing the mailman go down the street and all the people coming out to get the mail.

Does anyone work anymore?


I say the same thing when I get stuck in traffic at noon. I think the answer lies in unemployement checks. If someone can make 400 per week without working why would they have any incentive to get a job?

On the above subject:

Many of our clients have indicated that a great many who come in looking for a job want to be paid under the table so they wont lose their unemployment.

Is that as common as some indicate?

George Mills

This is very common.

If i had no bills, no responsibility, Why the hell would i work if i can get free money?

Yes, they either ask for “under the table” or they don’t want to many hours so that their government aid does not get affected.

I have a guy that works for me that had two jobs until two weeks ago. He quit his day job, applied for unemployment and still keeps his job at night. He came in today all smiles cause he’s going to be getting $300 a week for doing nothing. He listed his reason for quitting as “family problems”.

There’s kind of a new breed of “homeless” too. These “kids” pretty much live on the streets, or wherever they can shack up for the night, and collect government checks while pan-handling at the same time. They all have ipods, the latest cell phones and money to party on a nightly basis.

When I lived in Phoenix 14 years ago I was shocked at how many capable “kids” chose to be homeless and panhandle rather than get a job. There were plenty of jobs to be had, they would just prefer to harass those who worked to support themselves, and harass is probably too gentle of a term for what they were doing. Intimidation would be more accurate.

As far as the original post, the work environment is changing quickly and many of those home actually are gainfully employed. I know many that are able to telecommute for most or all of their hours. Others work fewer, but longer shifts. I also think there’s been quite a shift from big business to entrepreneurship, or working for much smaller businesses where the 9-5 work day is not as common. That’s not to say that there isn’t far too many people more than capable of working but for whatever reason they are not.

We do not bend the rules regarding compensation. Ever. For that reason we do not pay “under the table”. We have also had potential employees ask for undeclared compensation. We have two-part time employees that I believe are collecting unemployment. Each of these employees have indicated that their schedule does not permit taking on any additional hours from us. As a result, we have hired an additional employee to fill those hours.

The thing that pi$$es me off about all of this, is that there is no reason to pay people under the table if you are using declared cash. Any dollar you take in that you do not document going out is going to be taxable to you personally as income so there is no savings in cheating on the wages unless you are also cheating on reporting of sales.

I do not appreciate business that cheat. In general, here is the scenario:

Make $10,000 undelcared sales, collect an additional $1,500 in sales taxes but don’t remit it. (cheat: $1,500)

Pay $2,500 undeclared wages, save 10% on wage rate, employers share fica, work comp, un-employment, medicare. (cheat: $500)

Employee does not pay income tax to state and fed. (Cheat: $500)

Store owner does not pay state for fed tax on the income that would otherwise fall to income line on form 1040. (Cheat:$2000)

Total shortfall to local, state and federal (remember, this is what pays for people who are REALLY unemployed or who get hurt on the job and pays for schools, streets and fire protection)

Don’t do it.

I don’t “cheat” because I fear the consequences and do not need the added worry in my life. But, I have a tough time feeling any resentment towards those who do when the government is so unethical and wasteful in its practices.

Tell me we have a “fair” tax system, where “everyone” is taxed the same regardless of achievement. Tell me the government is not going to raise them again next year, and the next, and the next and then keep coming back for more. Tell me the government that takes our money is not going to use it towards its ever expanding social services. Tell me the government is not going to use it to buy votes and load up bills with pork. Tell me they are not going to use it to tell us how bad smoking is and that MdDonald’s is bad for you.

I totally understand where Bodegahwy is coming from. We’re playing by the rules and and it makes it harder to compete with people who aren’t. I can’t argue against this, and I sympathize with the situation, but at the same time its also hard for me to feel ill towards “cheaters” when the government practices far worse.

Same thing with illegals. I don’t hire them, and am dead set against the practice, but since the government leaves the doors open for them to come in, they are part of the economy. I can’t blame people for hiring. As long as the flood gates are open their are certain businesses that won’t survive without them.

Sorry to go on a rant, I obey our laws and treat people with respect, but its really hard for me to feel any resentment towards people who do break a few oppressive laws against the government.

Wish I had time to proof read this but my wife is taking me to my mother-in-law’s and I’m running late!

Also, not declaring sales hurts substantially when you go to sell the business - something many probably don’t think about. Every dollar somebody “skims” takes a multiple of that off of the selling price, and also makes it harder to ever get a loan (personal or business).

$10,000 in undelcared sales could easily cause a loss of $20,000 to $40,000 in selling price, all to most likely save about $2,500 per year in income tax. At the low end it would take eight years to make that up, sixteen years at the high end. I know that ignores the time value of money, but interest rates are pretty darn low right now anyway. Seems like a lot of risk for very little (or even negative) return.

Here’s my problem with the illegal immigrant situation - Most of them have a social security card (fake) and driver’s license, which is all that’s required for us to complete an I-9. We are not charged with the responsibility of identifying a fake social security card, so what are we to do? Seems like a dangerous place to tread when not hiring somebody. They have the necessary documentation, so what is our reason to not hire? Could that lead to a claim of discrimination?

Without making a comment on my position on illegal immigrants, our government could easily crack down by making social security cards more difficult to fake. You can make a perfectly acceptable social security card with a 1 cent piece of card stock and a $60 color printer.

Without making a comment on my position on illegal immigrants, our government could easily crack down by making social security cards more difficult to fake. You can make a perfectly acceptable social security card with a 1 cent piece of card stock and a $60 color printer.

The SSA does have a SS # verification on their web site. However, knowing this, I still do not verify SS#‘s at the time of hiring. (Of course up to this point, I’ve not had a reason to believe that any of my employees’ SS cards are fake.)

“Assuming” the government was trying to prevent it.

I agree that is a major assumption.

alot of peoplea re lucky and work from home… i wish i could sell pizzas from home lol