Does size matter?

I’m opening my first take out delivery pizza shop in several months. What’s your most popular size selling? Do you think a mom and pop shop can get away selling one or two sizes? (Ex. Like 18"costco type operation) or is variety key?

We sell 4 sizes. If I could go back in time I would do 2 sizes. Probably 10 inch and 14 inch or 12 inch and 16 inch.

I appreciate feed back. I’m in that position now. We were looking at 14 and 16inch but they are close. I’m going to experiment with 12 and 16 as well. We’re in lower income community were quantity and a low price are crucial. 18inch way to big for what customers here are willing to pay.

If quantity and low price are crucial, 10" Small, 14" Large, 16" Extra Large.
You have quantity: 3 sizes.
You have value: Sizes similar to cheap pizza franchises like dominos, and pizza hut.

If I were doing it over I would only have 3 sizes probably 9", 13" and 16". A 13" is roughly 2x a 9" and a 16" is roughly 3x a 9"

I agree with the 3 sizes, and I think that a 14" large is the right move unless you are in NY/NJ where everyone other than the national chains are calling a 16" or 18" a large. I would consider a 10", 12" and 14" or a 12", 14" and 16". The chains I have worked at sell mostly 12"mediums and 14"larges so this is what I believe most people are used to and will be your most popular sizes.

I offer 8", 10", 12", 14" and 16". It is almost a dead split between 12" and 14" pizza’s. The 16" are mostly bought by companies for parties, and 8" and 10" are for just single people.

Honestly if i have thought about dropping everyting but 10", 12" and 14". It would save considerable space in the walkin and prep time/labor.

We sell 6! sizes. 8" 10" 12" 14" Half and Full sheet. Would love to drop 1 or 2 sizes, probably the 10" and Half Sheet. It does lead to over-complication.
However, in the rare occurrence that we run out of dough or something like that, it is nice to be able to sandwich 2 sizes together to make a larger, or cut some in half to make 2.

It does not matter what sizes you go with, you will not please every one…I typically buy a 12" for me and my wife…If you do decide to drop a size, will clients who previously ordered that size “go big” or “go home”…For me, and I may very well be in the minority, I will go somewhere else…I just want enough for dinner and no left overs…

currently 8, 12, 14, 16,working on new location considering just 10, 14, trying to keep it simple and fast

Keeping it simple and fast is what we are trying to do as well. I’ve noticed some use 8 and 10 inch for individuals. Are you guys doing slices? I only ask because many sit down stores that we go don’t offer slices.
My store is take out only , only a few tables and bench seating in the outdoor patio. planing on slices mostly for lunch crowd individuals and kids coming by after school. So I’m thinking selling slices, possibly 12 or 14, and 16 for the large for families and groups. So two sizes and a slice.
Trying to cut down prep time as well as improve consistency. The less my employees think,sometimes the better. Lol

no slices, check out THEO"S,REGINELLIS,Mother Bears,very successful operations using 10 and 14,Mother Bears also offers 6"

We do small 10" (6 slices), Large 13" (8 slices) and Family 15" (10 slices)
If I had my way I would do 13" only but then again I would be just like the chains with 1 size ( depending on chain = 10.5" - 12" large)
Why not opt for 13" & 15" just to be a bit different to the others … and I bet most people wouldn’t even notice the difference to those with 14" & 16"
Saves you a bit of topping cost especially if you are in a money tight area.
Lloyd pans have 13" & 15" (we get ours from them far cheaper than in Australia)

i have 6 sizes and slices 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and “monster” 18x26 inches…and i hate it! i would love to drop the 12 and 16.

Originally we though of using 14 and 18, but the darn cheese and premium toppings were crazy expensive for the price point we were thinking about on the 18. I would like to use 12 and 16 but so much competition around their selling 5 to 6 dollar 14 inch cheese pizzas around. Little Ceasers took the pizza game to another level with their 5 dollar pizza in our lower income communities!

I’ve noticed this with the places around here that sell 18" pizzas. They are all severely under priced for the size. I don’t think it’s possible to correctly price them and not give sticker shock. Most customers perusing a menu are not doing the math in their head that an 18" is 66% larger than a 14".

My 14" “everything” is 19.99. I’d have to put an 18" up at over $30 dollars! There’s no way that would fly, and I’d be forced to price it at a level where it wouldn’t even make sense for me to sell.

10", 14" and 16" here.

my 18 with everything (sausage, pepperoni, green peppers, onion, mushroom) is about $25; in monster its $35 and I get it! I’ve had people add extra topping s on that too…I love selling 50 dollar pizzas!

That’s awesome tguag! What’s your food cost on that bad boy? Is your store full service with beer too? I’ve realized people pay for perceived value in a larger store. But small take out only place like ours would be tough for us to sell at that price. Darn Costco several miles away selling their 18’s for $10.

food cost on a 18 special is about 8 bucks. We do not sell beer we have about 35 seats with counter service and mostly do delivery. But remember I’m also in Chicago, everything here is expensive and most people know a $5 pizza is garbage.

We have three sizes (12", 14" & 16") 16" is by FAR the best selling size, almost equal to the other two sizes combined. 12" and 14" doughball use are about equal to each other but that is also taking into account that we make calzones, strombolli, cheesy bread and bread sticks all from 12" dough balls so 14" is the 2nd best selling pizza size for us.