Does size really matter when marketing?

Was wide awake at 3am this morning so started to brainstorm. Does size matter when marketing your pizzas? What I am talking about is I know the standard sizes are 12", 14" 16".

Would marketing along the lines of say “Pazzo di Pizza, where size does matter” and offer a 13", 15" and 17" sizes.

Wasn’t sure if customer would really care or not even if pricing was along the same lines as the competition.

size does matter…

people compare price b4 size…

then quality

don’t try 2 beat the big boyz…make a better pie @ your price point and sell your product, straight up…

I’ve tried b4, in the past…people are trained to order a “large” regardless of how many inches…

my best promo was pushing an 18" NY pie…

I dont even have a size for my pies.

I sell a 4 cut, 8 cut and 12 cut.

Size does matter if you use it properly!

We serve a 12" small, 16" large, and 18" XL. It is one of the aspects that we’ve built our business on. With time and consistant marketing, it differentiates us from everyone else. Everyone markets quality. If thats your message, what makes you any different from a customers perspective.


I’m not overly sure that sizes does matter.

The chains in Australia have a 12" Large (no other sizes either) whilst most Indies have 13" Large and a various amount of others. Ours are 10" small, 15" Family and 18" Jumbo, which are the most familiar size descriptions here.

The chains advertise the hell out at $5.95 or 2 for $17.95 delivered etc for large pizzas. Customers wouldn’t have a clue what size they were and what size others had.

We just have our slogan - Bigger, Fresher, Tastier - which leaves it open to interpretation. When customers do comment on how better ours are and how much bigger they are we then explain the size difference and how we cut fresh produce daily and only buy the best quality ingredients. We also highlight how the chains buy in pre-cut packed produce.

To go out and advertise this would be a waste as most customers wouldn’t know or couldn’t give two hoots. Plus you can leave yourself open to litagation by inadvertently putting incorrect facts in.

We will continue to put out great tasting quality pizzas at the top end price point and leave the undervaluing of sales to the chains.

The only valuing down we do is boxtoppers with selected range $10 Large Pizzas for shop pick up only on Mondays, Free upgrade from 2 large pizzas (at full price - no deal prices) to Family size shop pick up only on Tuesdays and Free garlic bread with any Family or Jumbo pizza on Wednedays. They have to redeem the boxtopper docket to get the deal.

We find customers like these deals and by doing them early in the week it is hoped that it will get people to order more often and it won’t detract from the busy full price trading days.

The upgrade from large to family really shows off the size difference of ours and this will hopefully turn people to ordering family sizes instead of large = more $ value and profits.